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Best Bluetooth speaker Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Australia

Nowadays, everyone is listening to their favorite music on the go, and they would like to carry their music anywhere they go. Smartphones have made it all possible, but they are not enough for a beach party or a camping trip. It can be a big problem when one doesn’t have proper connectivity. So, the best option would be to carry a Bluetooth speaker in their backup. Bluetooth speakers can be an excellent add-on for many outdoor activities. They can be used to play radio programs, songs, and one can have a hands-free conversation with their loved ones while driving a vehicle. Bluetooth speakers are booming right now because they produce fantastic sound levels, and the process of installation doesn’t involve any wires. The sound is multiplied by many factors when one’s smartphone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker. There are all kinds of Bluetooth speakers in the market. With hundreds of options, it is common for one to get confused and pick the wrong one, which doesn’t suit their requirement. In this guide, we will be putting out some essential factors to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker. Portable Bluetooth speakers are something that everyone wants, but first, one has to understand different types of speakers available in the market. From laser Bluetooth speakers to waterproof, there are endless options in the marketplace. Here, we will discuss about some significant and most commonly used speakers.

Types Of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Car Speakers

There are two main sound systems in particular to cars: stereo systems and Bluetooth speakers for cars. There are many speakers available that work for both one’s car and their other conventional purposes. Compact car Bluetooth speakers come with a 12V charger, and it also provides an average battery life of twelve hours. While some car speakers like Parrot, they have a unique pairing system with other smart devices. One can even sync their mobile contacts. Some models also have hand gestures and voice command features. A visual demonstration would be better for understanding, so before buying a Bluetooth speaker for your car, make sure to apply it practically.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Portable outdoor speakers are the best compatible devices to any phone or tablet. They have reliable battery backup, and it can easily be slipped into a pocket or purse. The drivers in these speakers are more in number when compared to others. With more drivers, it can produce more powerful bass and audio sound. Outdoor speakers usually multiple layers on top of actual speakers to protect and withstand extreme weather conditions. For iPhone users, there are some Bluetooth speakers compatible with other virtual assistants like Siri. Bluetooth speakers with built-in mic help in initiating a conversation with a virtual assistant.

Shower Speakers

Many love listening to their favorite music while taking a peaceful shower. So, waterproof Bluetooth speakers come to the rescue for all people who love songs in their shower. The extra coating prevents soaking and any internal damage. To make it stable, the manufacturers provide an extra carabiner clip to hang to a wall or cupboard. One can use it for their swimming classes or even one of their pool parties.

Tower Speakers

Bluetooth tower speakers can quickly grab one’s attention from their aesthetic and stylish looks. These speakers are usually for an indoor cinematic experience. The sound clarity and volume are off the roof with tower speakers. One can also control the vibration up and down. One can fire up their PlayStation on a TV with tower speakers, and they will sense the difference.

Capsule Bluetooth Speakers

It is often misinterpreted that small-sized speakers produce enough volume, but in reality, the size is not the qualifying factor determining the quality. Some capsule shapes speakers produce high-quality bass, and it is an overall beast when it comes to entertainment purposes.

Pocket Speakers

These devices are ultra-light and portable that one can take to small gatherings and picnics. It is an excellent innovation in terms of its compactness and sound quality. Their appearance is more than enough to catch one’s attention, and they have a wide range of colors available.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bluetooth Speaker

Size & Weight

All of the Bluetooth speakers are highly portable, but their dimensions and weight can be a massive bummer in some models. It should be easy enough to handle with a single hand. For people going on trekking or camping trips, it is essential to pack correctly with enough space. If one wants to throw a kick-ass party on top of the roof or pool, they would require tower-like speakers to handle heavy vibrations.

Battery Life

Bluetooth speakers slowly lose their capacity to hold power, so it is better to buy a speaker with enough battery backup to survive. To better understand battery life, it is better to estimate with the help of its music playback time. Try getting at least 10-12 hours of playback time. The time taken for charging is also equally important. Most of the modern ones take a maximum of two to three hours for a complete charge.

Extra Accessories

Bluetooth speakers are dull looking and annoying when they are not attached to any accessories. One can add a wireless connection to their speakers, and it would be more convenient for random usage. LEDs make it look more appealing, but they are entirely optional. Internal power banks and USB ports are some extra add-ons one can consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker.


All the above-mentioned factors play a vital role in determining the final price. Some trustworthy brands in the marketplace are JBL, Sony, LG, and Bose. They have all top of the line Bluetooth speakers at affordable rates. The prices range anywhere between 60 AUD to 200 AUD.


As one is likely to use these speakers outdoors, it is very unsure of what will happen to it. To be on the safe side, try getting at least one year of a limited warranty period. The extra add-ons will have less warranty, but make sure to register on the brand’s website.


One can now take their music adventures to the wild, beach, and anywhere on Earth. Bluetooth speakers have a functionality that is based on three main things. They are sound quality, design, and battery life. So, make sure your needs align with proper design and build quality. Pick your favorite product from our list of top ten Bluetooth speakers given above.