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Best Hair straightener Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Australia

Personal grooming has reached new heights with the latest tools and accessories that help in personal care and treatment. In personal care, one of the most important aspects to cover is hair. One must have a daily hair routine to keep the hair nutrient-enriched and moisturized. Once in a while, people like to keep their hair straight, but going to a spa and waiting for their turn to come is a big waste of time. The best alternative is using a hair straightener, which is cost-effective and takes very little time. Hair straighteners have come a long way, and now, they are the perfect solution to get straight hair every day without having to spend much time and money. Be it damaged hair or curly hair, and a straightener has all the answers. With a small investment in a hair straightener, one can get wavy hair straight or straight curly, and they can also increase hair volume. If one has hair issues like breakages or splits, they have come to the right place. In this guide, we will be discussing some significant pointers that would likely help one narrow down their choices on different types of hair straighteners. There are a wide variety of devices in the marketplace that are made only for particular types of hair. The shape, size, and materials used to change when the hair type is different from one to another. Based on hair length and density, one has to check plate width and type of hair straightener used, respectively.

Types Of Hair Straighteners

Clamp Flat Irons

These irons are old-style straighteners, but they still do a great job of handling different hair types. The reason for the popularity of clamp flat straighteners is that these devices can easily be modified with new materials. These are portable enough to carry in backup, and one can touch up within a matter of minutes. One can make hybrid models by creating one clamp with one material and the other clamp with a different one.

Ionic Hair Straightener

The ionic technology used in this straightener helps in emitting negative charges to work on damaged hair. One side is positive, and the other is negative, so they make the perfect combo to heat and dry hair at a much faster rate. These are also listed as travel straighteners because of the convenience it provides.

Straighteners For Fine Hair

People with fine or thin hair are on the edge of having damaged hair. So, it is recommended not to buy a straightener with only one heat setting. With multiple heat settings, one has control over the straightener to change the heat flow. Ceramic hair straighteners are the best choice for treating beautiful hair. The plate size and proportions help in distributing the heat evenly.

Straighteners For Thick Hair

Thick hair is a bit hard to straighten, but it is possible with high heat settings. One needs a maximum of two strokes to straighten one strand of hair. Titanium hair straightener is the only option left that can control high temperatures without damaging the hair. With titanium as the primary material, one can heat the plates within a few minutes. Also, with fewer strokes on the same strand, the damage is minimized by a considerable amount.

Straighteners For Curly Hair

Curly hair is the most tricky type to handle. It requires multiple treatments and broader plates. Flat iron straighteners work great for curly hair because of the grip it provides with those vast plates on the side. Flat iron made with Tourmaline is the best straightener for treating curly hair. One can get rid of their frizzy hair even at a lower or room temperature.

Straighteners For Damaged Hair

Once the hair is damaged, it is suggested not to use any hair straightener. But if the situation demands, then one can use a hot brush with multiple heat settings. With regular brushing at low heat, one can prevent further damage and get a smooth finish. Most of these models are professional hair straighteners, and they are mostly used in a commercial salon.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Hair Straightener

Cordless VS Corded Straighteners

It is evident that cordless hair straighteners are more versatile and reliable, but they don't perform up to standard when it comes to battery life. On the other hand, corded straighteners are more powerful, and there is no need to worry about battery life. If one decides cordless versions, make sure to check the time it takes to recharge to a complete hundred percent.

Plate Size

If one is always in a hurry, then they can go with larger plates because they can help in covering more surface area. People with short hair or excellent air need one to two-inch plates for a smooth handle. For styling hair with bangs and spikes, one would need to use mini plates.

Automatic Shut Off

Nowadays, people are leading busy lifestyles, and it happens more often than they forget about the condition they left their hair straighteners. If it's gone unnoticed, then it can lead up to a fire and cause irreversible damages. So, let's be on the safe side and include an automatic shut off feature in the hair straightener. With this advanced feature, one no longer needs to worry whether they turned their straightener on or off.


Each feature or factor mentioned above plays an essential role in determining the cost of any hair straightener in the marketplace. Brands like Phillips and Dyson are famous for producing such electric hair straighteners. The prices range anywhere between 80 AUS Dollars to 350 AUS Dollars. Some kits can come with all the extra accessories that help in hair straightening treatment.


As said earlier, accidents are bound to happen, but waiting for them to occur would be a considerable loss. A warranty period protects the straightener's performance and replaces it when working for their hair type. It doesn't hurt to be always prepared, so look for at least a one year limited warranty period.


Healthy and styling hair is one way of increasing our confidence. With the right tools and techniques, one can straighten their hair from the comfort of their couch. First, one has to identify their hair type and match it with correct plate material like titanium or ceramic. After that, they can add fancy features to make their lives easier, like temperature control and automatic shut off. Pick your favorite one from our list of top ten hair straighteners given above.