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Best Gaming headphones Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Australia

Every gamer wants their setup to provide an ultimate gaming experience. They spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on high-end components. All the graphic cards and RAMs help in enhancing the visual aspect of gaming. But what about the audio element? The sound settings are often overlooked, and later they don't enjoy their gaming hours. For any gamer to be completely immersed in the video game, they have to get the best headphones that perfectly suit their gaming workstation. In recent gaming titles, many are demanding surround sound features, and if one doesn’t have good quality gaming headphones, then the game won't feel that great. For example, if one is hooked to battle royale games, then the need of high-quality audio is paramount. On the other hand, it may not make a big difference for people playing a multiplayer type of games. When distractions and disturbances are blocked out, then one freely enters their gaming world. With the right kind of gaming headphones, one can communicate with the team players without any lag or buffer. However, it truly is challenging to find the perfect headphones in the current marketplace. Stores are filled with hundreds of options that look identical, but their functionality varies by a far stretch. In this buying guide, we will be discussing some significant aspects to consider before buying a gaming headphone. This will cover some comparisons with other headsets, benefits of gaming headphones, and finally, the features to consider in a gaming headphone.

Why Buy Gaming Headphones?

Gaming headphones are similar to those headphones that are used daily for listening to music. The difference between these headsets and gaming headphones lies in micro-detail characteristics that help gamers in specific ways. Gaming headphone's primary purpose is to establish crystal clear contact with other team players. It provides mic attachment slots that help in communication support. There are many other audiophilia features like accurate sound stage and immersive sound experience that are present in gaming headphones. Many professional gamers and Youtube players use gaming headphones to stream and play games on multiple platforms.

Befits Of Gaming Headphones

With gaming headphones, there is a massive upside in audio and mic quality areas. It can also detect sensitive sounds, and one will have the liberty to adjust all sound-related settings. For professional gaming headphones, they provide many setups to attach the latest mics and pads. A more extensive selection of headphones also consists of wireless gaming headphones that make it more convenient and portable. A good gaming headphone lets gamers communicate in-game without interfering with other technical details. One can be used for multiple workstations and even for watching movies. All-in-one gaming headphones are the best in the marketplace because they are adaptable to various gaming platforms like PC, Mac, Xbox, and PS4. PS4 gaming headphones can be used for Xbox and vice versa. With Bluetooth features, one can create multiple connections to different devices at the same time. In some cases, they would have to use the manual cable for establishing connectivity.

Open Back Headphones VS Closed Back- Which is better for gaming?

Many headphones in the market try to beat other competition by comparing audio, comfort, style, and price. But this often happens, where many gamers miss out on the open back and closed-back headphones. It is equally essential to understand different approaches to listen to the audio. The difference between both is significant. Closed-back gaming headphones have a significant setback that is sound leakage. It is not a high noise canceling gaming headphones when compared to open-back. The acoustic profile associated with open-back gaming headphones is broad. The reason for that is these headphones allow some natural sound and make it airier for an immersive gaming experience. The upper and more mid sound levels have a perfect distinction, and the change from one level to another is real. They work great for both gamers and audiophiles. For people playing open-world games, the environmental sounds matter a lot. So, the perfect fit for them would be open-back. These are not portable, but most gamers have a fixed setup, so it is not a big issue.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Headphone


The weight of gaming headphones can be on the heavier side only. However, they provide the same comfort for prolonged gaming hours. Lighter models can be easy to access and wear, but they are not durable and can break. Bulky gaming headphones add more cushions and pads that help in eliminating the discomfort caused by its weight. As gamers tend to sit in one particular place, it wouldn't be a big problem to go with heavy models. If the pressure is causing neck pain or something, it is best to avoid and go with lighter models.

Ear Cups

The ear cups of headphones determine the quality provided by it. Some typical materials used for ear cups are foam, cloth, pleather, and leather. Memory-foam is booming right now, and many gamers feel like it provides the most comfort while gaming for long hours. Look for a headphone that provides excellent air circulation so that one doesn't start sweating after the first few hours of gaming.

Surround Sound & Noise Canceling

Virtual surround sound is a must for VR gaming headsets, and additional noise canceling is a great add-on. With surround sound, one can experience the same audio from multiple directions. It is like a 3D sound effect for playing video games. Headphones with ANC and isolation features tend to have better sound quality.


One has to fix its budget before jumping into the market and looking at options. The bigger is your budget, the better and more features your headphones provide. It is that simple. Some well-renowned brands for gaming headphones are Logitech and Sennheiser. The prices range anywhere between 60 AUS Dollars to 300 AUS Dollars.


It often happens with gamers that after a losing battle, they get frustrated and tend to break their headphones. It is not a safe option, but something broken can't be reattached. But it can be repaired and replaced with a warranty card. So, look for at least a one year limited warranty period.


That's a wrap folk! Now, one can bring their games to life with the best gaming headphones on the market. Features like ANC and surround sound play a vital role in enhancing sound quality. Also, look for multiple connectivity options and positional audio for your headphone. Pick your favorite product from our list of top ten gaming headphones given above.