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Best Electric toothbrush Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Australia

Many people suffer from tooth problems, and the first thing that a dentist would suggest is to brush consistently and effectively. There is no other possibility when it comes to oral care. If one doesn’t care about their oral hygiene, then their overall health is going to deteriorate. It does sound simple to execute, but many ignore this critical tip recommended by professional doctors. The time required to brush teeth is very less significant, however, the effectiveness of the process is not what we expect. The effectiveness in brushing is increased by using an electric toothbrush. Four main pillars are helping this device to perform at this level. The first one is the modes of cleaning. Electric toothbrushes come with four main modes. They are deep cleaning, whitening, sensitivity, and tongue cleaning. Doctors highlighly recommend electric toothbrushes for sensitivity. The second pillar is the rotation oscillation. The movement of bristles helps in removing more plaque along with the gum lime. The third pillar is the quadrant timing. It alerts the user after cleaning one particular teeth segment. The fourth and final pillar is pressure sensors. It often happens that our pressure on gums leads to severe oral problems. With pressure sensors, one gets notified when they are applying too much pressure. Having said all that, an electric toothbrush can impact one’s oral hygiene in the best way possible. In this guide, some main applications provided by these toothbrushes are discussed and, finally, about the factors one needs to think before buying. Sounds good, right? Let’s jump right into it!

Why Buy Electric Tooth brushes Over Manual Ones?

Many factors support electric toothbrushes accuracy in oral cleaning. The number one being superior plaque removal. Manual toothbrushes have shown improvements over the years, but electric toothbrushes have emerged victorious in removing more plaque when put to test. The reason lies in its rotation. The oscillation movement created by the electrical motor is on a different level compared to hand brushing. The premium power comes from its background technology. With manual toothbrushes, there are not different ones for each age and gender. In the case of automatic toothbrushes, there are kids' electric toothbrushes for two and three years. There are electric toothbrushes for children as well as babies. The size and speed of the machine vary accordingly. Electric toothbrushes for braces are some of the most purchased because they provide convenience for people struggling with oral cleaning while maintaining metal braces. These little devices are straightforward to use and handle. It does everything for you, and all you have to do is to guide through each surface of your teeth. One gets the hang of it within two to three days. Another factor that gives electric toothbrushes an edge over manual is vibrational movement. These vibrations help in dealing with the tiniest of particles stuck in-between two teeth. The timer helps in evenly cleaning every tooth and gum. One can set intervals to shift from one surface to another as well.

Things To Analyze Before Buying An Electric Toothbrush

Brush Head

The rotating brush heads play a significant role in this type of automatic tooth cleaning. Make sure your electric toothbrush comes with an oscillating brush head that moves in the horizontal direction. This side-to-side movement makes the head move in and out, clearing things for the brush to remove all the plaque. Some may even provide cross action cleaning that is proven to be most effective. For people suffering from sensitivity, the best option would be to follow sensitive clean. When looking to get the best brush head, there are two main things to keep in mind. They are bristle texture and age groups. The textures can be soft, extra soft, and medium. Age is also a big differentiator for electric toothbrushes.

Stroke Motion

The best stroke motion for an electric toothbrush is sonic or ultrasonic motion. Ultrasonic toothbrushes provide the highest quality and fastest speeds. It can fire up to five thousand strokes per minute. The vibrations conducted in back and forth motion helps to avoid many dental problems. Some combine multiple stroke motions, but it is recommended to stick to one type.


The famous oral hygiene brands mainly use three main technologies in their toothbrush products. They are oscillating, rotating, and pulsating technology. It performs in a particular order that removes the plaque away. Look for clinically proven electric toothbrushes for more authenticity and originality.

Quad Pacers

This is another interesting and special feature offered by a few toothbrushes. Quad pacers can give one specializing tooth cleaning in any given direction. The brushing movement can be done right, left, up, and down. By cleaning the upper and lower parts, it gives one a complete tooth clean.

Cleaning Modes

As said earlier, there are four main modes delivered by an electric toothbrush. The most useful ones are tongue fresheners and travel-friendly options. Some brush heads are equipped with new scents that bring out more freshness to one’s tongue. Travel electric toothbrushes come with reliable and robust storage cases.


That’s right, bluetooth technology in your toothbrush. This is entirely optional but it gives real-time feedback on your brushing habits. It can be connected to a smart object like smartphones and tablets. One monitors their progress and check their performances each day. The experience is complete with bluetooth. At least that is what some of the online reviews say about bluetooth electric toothbrushes.


The price is always questioned when it comes to electric toothbrushes. They are affordable, but they cost more than a regular toothbrush, and some might feel they are not that worthy. However, the two most commonly used brands for oral hygiene are Colgate and Oral-B. In some cases, Phillips electric toothbrushes also tend to be useful for specific age groups. The prices range anywhere between 15 Pounds to 25 Pounds.


It is funny to ask for a warranty for a toothbrush. But it is advised to check for it. If there is any manufacturing fault, then one can get a new one with the warranty card. Look for at least one-year limited warranty before buying an electric toothbrush.


Health is always the top priority. Taking care of our gums and teeth is one way of securing and protecting oral hygiene. So, look for rotation movement, brush size and freshness, and other technological features. Never go easy on your comfort as well. Pick one of the best products from the top ten electric toothbrushes given above.