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Best Running shoes Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Australia

A healthy lifestyle can be accomplished by following a diet and regularly focussing on outdoor activity. Nowadays, many people are trying to exercise outdoors to enjoy nature’s sight and avoid lifting pains in the gym. One can never consistently run on a treadmill because they tend to become lazy after the first few days. But running outside is entirely different. When one runs outdoors, their joints get more relief, and knees tend to hurt less than running on a treadmill. Running has many health benefits, and it is a fun activity to do with your loved ones. It helps in proper blood circulation and holds the body active throughout the day. While running, the muscles undergo a lot of strain, but it eventually helps in total body conditioning. It is a cardiovascular fitness exercise for the whole body, so one can burn a lot of calories and keep their weight on the right track. Many think running can be done with any type of shoes. Some even wear sneakers and flip flops to run long distances. At first, it may seem okay, but without proper running shoes, one can endure severe leg injuries. With the right cushioning and supporting shoes, one can run fearlessly, and their running form will also improve. In the present marketplace, there are running shoes for kids, adults, and every section is covered with a proper set of tools. In this buying guide, we will review some significant pointers that can help you find top-rated shoes that suit their running style.

Types Of Running Shoes

Before laying out the most commonly used running shoes, let’s discuss some prerequisites related to foot type and protonation. It is inward or outward rolling based on one’s foot, landing for people unaware of the term protonation. It helps in deciding which type of shoe is best suited for their feet. So, based on the height of one’s arch, there are three main foot types. They are neutral arch, low arch, and high arch. Neutral position causes no massive impact, and it lands on only the right spots. People whose feet have a flat arch tend to roll excessively in the direction of the inward. On the other hand, high arch runners roll in the impact region, and they underpronate. Having said all that, now let’s see different running shoes based on one’s foot type.

Racing Flats

As the name suggests, these running shoes are mostly used for marathons or road races. These running shoes are lightweight, and they are stiffer when compared to spikes. The cushioning provided can vary from minimal to substantial and long-distance marathons. When one decides to participate in long-distance races, they need the best-cushioned running shoes to survive. Racing flats are not a perfect fit for daily training routines, and it is recommended to use them only for races or competitions.

Daily Trainers

These shoes have good endurance and can take a beat during training. One can use their daily routines and practices on any track. Regular trainers are the most comfortable choice for any runner. The materials are inclined to make the shoes more reliable and durable. The cushioning is not that great, but it is more than enough for natural running. Some models are also waterproof available.

Trail Shoes

The name says it all. The running shoes are best suited for those runners who like to go on off-road routes filled with debris like rocks, roots, and mud. This section of running shoes is highly diversified from lightly cushioned shoes too big bulky shoes suited for hiking or trekking. When buying trail shoes of any kind, they have to make sure that they are weather resistant. One has also to check the terrain they are running on.

Stability Shoes

These are more for ordinary arch people and for people who are having problems with motion control. Stability shoes come with extra support on both arch sides, and the inner foam is way denser than other running shoes. Some models have more stability on the front part, while others have more flexibility in the rear section.

Things To Consider Before Buying Running Shoes

Comfort Boost

The right type of cushioning helps in reducing joint and knee pain. Many companies have developed various technologies to improve the midsole of the running shoe. They have implemented few techniques where the midsole contains thousands of energy capsules, and when one is running, these capsules tend to release more energy. Adidas has some unique cushioning in their running shoes. Do check their collections in the running shoe category.

Heel Collar

The heel collar or heel cuff is an essential element in any running shoe because it supports one’s heel and Achilles tendon. It increases the stability and motion control of the runner. Look for a running shoe that has heel collars that can expand during movement. It helps to lock down one’s foot to reduce or eliminate any chances of injury.

Age & Gender

Running shoes vary vastly based on one’s age and gender. Men's running shoes are constructed differently when compared to women running shoes. Some can be unisex, but make sure to check before buying. Age can be a parameter when purchasing running shoes for kids and toddlers. The arch height and size shift drastically from one generation to another.


The price is mainly based on the brand’s value. Major brands used for running are Nike, New Balance, Asics, and Puma. Nike running shoes are known for their durability and comfort. Adidas running shoes are famous for their cushioning technology. In the same way, all the other brands bring some of the other unique features to the table. Running shoes from any of these brands are priced anywhere between 50 AUS Dollars to 150 AUS Dollars.


Warranty is pretty unusual with running shoes, but in some cases, one can get damaged products. Almost all companies provide a replacement policy where one has to show proof of manufacturing defects. Physical damages are highly unlikely to be covered under any warranty deal. So, look for those manufacturing problems.


The first step to a healthy lifestyle starts with running towards healthy food and exercise. With proper running shoes, one can reach their destination without slipping or tripping. When it comes to running shoes, two main things are comfort and brand. Choosing from the right brand makes a big difference. The comfort comes from cushioning and supporting collars. Look for such features that enhance your running experience. Pick your favorite shoe from our list of top ten running shoes given above.