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Best Food processor Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Australia

Nowadays, everyone brings different kitchen appliances to do their cooking, cleaning, and organizing better. One such essential appliance that is needed in almost every household is a food processor. It is an excellent tool for any kitchen; it can be used for both commercial restaurants and also normal households. One proper food processor attached with the right attachments can do it all in one go. One can grind meat and chop vegetables at the same time. For any amount of preparation needs, a food processor always comes handy. The motor capacity and the overall value it brings is just shocking at a small price. It is understandable that people are leading busy lifestyles, but taking food for granted is not the correct option, So, pointing towards the latest technology in food processors is the right way to go. There are thousands of products related to food processors in the marketplace, but finding a perfect fit for one’s kitchen is hard. Each item leaves a small footprint, and their compactness draws the most attention. Users love the simple configurations it provides, and the whole functionality is easy to grasp. One can improve their productivity and creativity by using a food processor for all their cooking activities. However, the selection process is a nightmare. In this guide, we will be putting out some significant types of food processors and key factors to be taken into consideration.

Types Of Food Processors

Batch Bowl Food Processor

These small food processors are best when used to cook small to medium batches of food. With a batch bowl, there is a lot of convenience in cleaning and overall maintenance. Food processing options are abundant with batch bowl processors. One can chop, slice, shred and grate. The disc options and motor used makes a significant difference in their performance. The storage compartment that is the bowl can hold up to 6 quart, which is the maximum amount any batch bowl processor could contain. Larger bowl processors can be used for industrial or commercial requirements. If one wants to have a durable food processor, then go with stainless steel models. Some cheap processors made with plastic are also available in the marketplace.

Continuous Food Processor

With this type of processor, one can perform multiple tasks like dicing and chopping at the same time. But in the end, it can affect the processor’s productivity. Heavy-duty food processors are usually found in this category. One can keep adding new ingredients to the chopper, and it gets prepared with the same batch. It later gets dispensed into a different container. By doing this, one can save a lot of time in food processing. These are more manual food processors, but the efficiency is up to par.

Combination Food Processors

These models are a combination of both batch bowls and continuous feed heads. Combination food processors are the most versatile ones in the marketplace that adapt to several situations related to processing needs. If one is cooking in small quantities, then they can replace the feed head with a batch bowl. In the same way, when one is having a small gathering or hosting a party, they need the continuous feed head to meet the requirement.

Stick Food Processor

Usually, food processors can’t handle liquid items that well. But in the case of stick blenders or stick food processors, they can handle both solid and liquid food items. So, one can have soups and frozen drinks with the same kitchen appliance. However, these devices lack access to multiple discs and blades.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Food Processor

Discs & Blades

Each product comes with a set of blades and discs arranged in a unique manner to suit only a few food items. Most food processors come with three significant blades. They are smooth, serrated, and perforated blades. Smooth blades are for fine chopping that results in clean cuts. Serrated blades are used for frozen food products. At last, perforated ones mix liquids like sauces and mayonnaise. The food processor kits also include three primary discs. They are slicing, julienne, and shredding discs. Each disc has its own unique cuts and slices. Some shred food into power, and at the same time, others make thin slices.


The general functions of any food processor doesn’t ask for much power. If one wants to perform some advanced processing tasks like dough mixing, it is likely to rise.  So, one has to decide on the wattage requirement based on their daily usage. The best range of power input would be between 650-750 Watts.


The controls or diverse settings come with multiple and useful attachments. If one wants to replace their existing slicer or chopper, they need to include high-quality blades and discs.

Lid Feeding Tube

To have mess-free processing, one has to make sure that the top lid is sealed correctly. Loose lids can lead to spillage. Coming to the feeding tube, it should be as wide as possible. If the tube is narrow, then one must put in more manual effort into processing pre-cut food items.

Dishwasher-safe Parts

It is common for parts to be dishwasher-safe, but one can never be always right. Manual cleaning of food processors is time-consuming and not an easy task to do daily. Top of the line processors does not come with any sharp edges or hard accessible cavities. This way, there is a high chance of food getting stuck.


All the features and factors mentioned-above play a crucial role in determining the final cost on any food processor. Some trustworthy brands in the marketplace are Cusininart, Phillips, Kenwood, and Kitchenaid. The price ranges anywhere between 60 AUS Dollars to 300 AUS Dollars. If buying extra attachments, make sure to get from the same brand for higher efficiency.


The standard warranty period given for all electrical home appliances is one year. It depends on the value it brings to the table and whether to extend the warranty. Some can have high prices in the initial stage, but they are more reliable in the long run.


That’s a wrap! One can make their favorite recipes with an easy cooking process and tools. Buying food processors has never been easier. With proper knowledge models, power motors, discs, and blades, one can buy a perfect processor for their cooking needs. Pick your favorite one from our list of top ten food processors given above.