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Best Coffee machine Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Australia

In this modern era, everyone is leading a busy lifestyle, and it has become complicated to prioritize things in life, like eating habits. But the one thing that kicks starts everyone’s morning has always been and will always be a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Many people prefer coffee over tea because it keeps them active for most of the day. In some cases, people can’t quite start their meetings or work without a cup of coffee. However, this famous and most preferred beverage is hard to perfect. One can buy one cup from a nearby coffee shop, but having that first cup at home wearing pyjamas is unique. One can brew their coffee with their favorite beans, and they have the liberty to make it as strong as they want. So, to make the best coffee, one would certainly need the best coffee machine. Well, that’s not entirely true. Coffee machines are of different types, sizes, and each one of them has a unique procedure to grind and make coffee. There are manual models where one has to do all the work, and then there are electric ones, which need just one capsule to drip a cup of coffee. With some specialized coffee machines, they allow us to brew both hot and cold coffees simultaneously. These are just some basic concepts that one needs to know before jumping into the market. The markets are filled with hundreds of models having different features. In this guide, we will be discussing some significant pointers like types of coffee machines and a few useful features that make one’s life easy.

Types Of Coffee Machines

Drip Coffee Machine

This electric item is a popular kitchen appliance in almost all households in the country. Drip coffee machine is an easy to use staple that produces three to four cups of coffee at a time. It is an affordable option for many people, and it has a wide variety of reliable features. The build quality is strong and durable, so it will last for many years to come. One drawback recorded is that the warming plate cooks coffee sitting in the pot. Other than that, it is a perfect coffee maker for regular drinkers.

Espresso Machines

The best coffee in many cafes is made from one of the espresso machines. Espresso machines have diverse options for different types of drinkers. There are stovetop coffee models, pod machines, and those that use ground beans. One cup from any of these machines is for sure a treat to your taste buds. Hybrid models are also available in the market that is suitable for making both regular coffee and espresso.

Nespresso Machines

Nespresso coffee machines are one of the kind that serves both household and professionals needs. These coffee makers use capsules or pods to brew espressos or hot coffees. Each capsule is for single-use only, and one can add their desired flavors. It is a very convenient way of having different coffee styles each day. The user has only to insert the capsule, and rest is taken care of by the machine. If one likes to have premium coffees every day, then Nespresso is the way to go.

Siphon Electric Coffee Machine

These coffee makers are famous for the flavors and taste it provides with the coffee. It is highly unlikely for people to use this machine daily. It is because siphon coffee machines are built with fragile parts, and the time needed to make one cup of coffee is a lot. So, to treat one’s guests, this would be a perfect choice, but it is not a correct fit for regular drinkers.

Moka Pot ( Italian Coffee Maker)

This is a portable coffee machine that comes with a simple procedure of making fresh coffee. Some users also feel that Moka pot is an excellent alternative to a full-blown home espresso machine. It produces a stock that is thick and rich in multiple flavors. This Italian style of brewing coffee brings back the authenticity and original taste. It also works as a great camping coffee maker.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Coffee Machine


Some like to be included in the whole coffee-making process and some like hands-off experience. It all depends on one’s personal preference. A fully automatic coffee machine can make coffee instantly without putting any manual effort. These machines are pre-programmed and the first thing in the morning, it makes hot and fresh coffee. Semi-automatic or less automated electric machines need a little more attention while brewing a cup of coffee. French presses or manual pour-overs need the most work from grinding to filtering. For people who need large quantities every day, it is better to stick to automatic models. If one wants to taste those authentic flavors, then manual grinders and filters are enough.

Brew Size

It depends on family size and daily coffee requirements. There are single cup models and family-sized machines in the market. One can brew how much ever they want with these machines. If one has a different coffee taste, then single-cup brewers are best. Large-sized brewers are for those people who like to drink two to three cups of coffee per day, and it can be useful when hosting a dinner or birthday party.

Extra Features

Few high-end or top-rated coffee machines offer some exclusive features like timers, keep-warm, and automatic shut-off.  Some also come with alert systems for indicating that coffee is done brewing. In electric models, they attach LED lights to signify whether the coffee is hot or not. Hybrid machines come with notification symbols and bean grinding features.


Coffee machines are not cheap, but they sure are worthy of every dollar. Espresso machines are now available in reasonable price ranges. Brands like Phillips, Cuisinart, and Breville have all the types of coffee makers mentioned above. The price ranges anywhere between 100 AUS Dollars to 450 AUS Dollars.


Manufacturing defects are quite familiar with coffee machines. Having a warranty gives leverage to exchange or replace the product with a new or different model. Some companies provide thirty days replacement policy, and the warranty is extended to one year.


One good cup of coffee is enough to accelerate your mood and mornings. While comparing coffee machines, make sure to know their brew capacities, extra features, and ease of use. So, why wait to make the best cup of coffee? Pick your favorite one from our list of top ten coffee machines given above.