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Best Power Bank Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Australia

Nowadays, one's life revolves around technological gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Every single gadget that one carries around all the time has one thing in common: portability. Smartphones are always in our pockets and laptops in our backpacks. Slowly and steadily, everything is moving towards on-the-go usage models. To keep the workflow going, one would need a backup for the device's battery. It is inconvenient for the user to carry a bulky charger whenever they need a small percentage of battery life. Guessing what the best alternative is? It is none other than a power bank. Power banks have become essential backup devices for any type of electronic item. One can save a lot of time in charging while working on the move. Power banks have everything that one needs, like portability, compactness, and extended battery life. In the latest models of smartphones, many are now equipped with fast charging features and denser batteries. So, the battery tech is on the rise, and it would be even better to have a support tool like a power bank. The present marketplace is filled with all types of power banks, from mini power banks to wireless power banks. However, when it comes to choosing a power bank for one's mobile or laptop, it becomes a little tricky and challenging. By the end of this article, one will have the full information on what specifications matter when buying a power bank.

Types Of Power Banks

While categorizing different power banks, they are mainly divided based on size and power. In the size segment, there are three main options- small, medium, and large. In terms of capacity, one can choose between low storage or high storage power banks.

Small Power Banks

Small or mini power banks can store up to 3000mAh, and for most smart devices, it can provide a complete one hundred percent charge. If one uses the latest models in smartphones and laptops, this power bank wouldn't be sufficient. These 12V power banks are the most compact and portable, making them an excellent carry-on in their purse or bag. The size is an advantage, but try not to overkill. In some cases, these turn out to be emergency power banks.

Medium Power Banks

Medium-sized power banks are used for upper-tier electronic items like laptops and tablets. These are at least 5000mAh power banks that give a perfect charge for almost all types of latest smartphones. If one is out for camping or any outdoor adventure, then a medium-sized power bank should last for the entire trip, if used rationally. The USB power banks help speed up the charging process, and it is nearly the same as the phone's fast charging.

Large Power Banks

As the size and power increase, the device's expense increases, and portability decreases, respectively. Some are even 20000mAh power banks that can give a minimum of three full charges to any smart device. High power means less flexibility to the user, and being away from a power socket for so long is highly unlikely. So, if one has access to multiple electric outlets, then this type of power bank is of no use. For people on the road most of the time, these power banks can be a feasible option.

Polymer Power banks

Polymer batteries usually come in compact sizes, and they are mostly suited for charging small or nearly same sized smartphones. These slim power banks can help students run on single uses with their mobiles. The power capacity is low because of its lightweight and small size.

Quick Charge & Type-C Port Power Banks

Quick charge or type-c power banks come with high power capacities, and they take very less time to charge. Any USB chargeable device can be supported with this power bank. Power banks with quick charge are the best charging tech in the marketplace. So, one has to trade some extra bucks to save a small amount of time for charging.

When buying a power bank, one thing to keep in mind is maintaining a balance between its weight and power. The other exciting features follow up when one achieves that balance.

Things To Analyze Before Buying A Power Bank

Capacity Requirements

Many people often buy power banks with higher capacities but later face problems carrying it around. One has to choose a power bank based on their daily requirement. It should be decided based on which device is being used for charging. If one wants a backup for their mobile phone, then a portable power bank is the correct size. For laptops and tablets, the storage varies accordingly.

Number of Ports

A small or mini power bank needs only one port, but when one wants to charge multiple devices at the same time, they have to with bigger power banks. Many of the companies understood this user requirement, and now, many latest models are coming with two or three charging ports. If one wants only for their phone, then a single port would be more efficient. The same applies to other types of power banks.


Leads of a power bank are often overlooked. However, some may not even come with lead, so search in the right areas before buying. It can be used in two ways- charging devices from the power bank or the other way around. This feature is usually not found in budget power banks, so if you have a reasonable budget, only go with it.


The price tag on any power bank is mainly determined using all the factors mentioned above. Brands like Xiaomi are leading in producing some of the best power banks in the market. Some might also encounter Nintendo Switch power bank while looking in the gaming section. The prices range anywhere between 45 AUS Dollars to 130 AUS Dollars.


Sometimes even a backup tool needs a backup. In this case, it is a warranty. Look for a brand that gives at least one year of the limited warranty period. This covers replacements and liquid leak damage. Never leave without a warranty deal.


That’s it, folks! Now, all the information is your hands to buy the best possible power bank for all your smart gadgets. The power output and capacity requirements are some main factors to look out for. It is a personal preference to get a power bank, so get the most of it. Pick your favorite one from our list of top ten power banks given above.