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Best Solar panels Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In Australia

The society is growing into a more reliable space where people are ready to take actions that help prevent environmental damage. The best thing to give our mother nature would be to use renewable energy sources like solar energy with the help of the latest solar panel technology. These solar panels reduce fuel consumption and help people save much money by reducing their energy costs. Therefore, solar panels are the single best decision that one can take to attain financial and environmental freedom. However, when it comes to buying a solar panel, it is not like any other electronic item to buy at any hardware store. It requires much research, and several factors have to be taken into consideration before concluding. The investment is a big one to make, so it is best not to make any irrational decisions. One has to estimate many aspects of solar panels like power requirements, solar partner, and installation. The technicalities are equally essential, and some of the metrics that one can use are efficiency, temperature regulation, and panel durability. In this buying guide, we will be talking about all such parameters, and also, some essential features and factors are mentioned. The first thing to check is which type of solar panel suits one's roof. Along with the boards, one has to also take into account the manufacturer used for making because some of them overhype the quality and accuracy of their solar panels.

Types Of Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

These panels have a unique solar technology that helps achieve the highest efficiency of the entire solar panel club. The materials used for manufacturing are more leaned towards pure silicon. The shape of monocrystalline solar panels also has something to do with its reliability. The cylindrical shape supports or enhances the absorption effect, which in turn results in high efficiency. These are more directed to be solar panels for houses and not for any outdoor activity. However, when choosing between monocrystalline and polycrystalline, they have to take solar sun numbers into account. This number helps in getting an estimate of how much potential one's system has. One can cover their entire roof with less number of panels. This is because of the smooth and round edges; it creates a unique form and content that helps draw more electricity.

Thin Film Solar Panels

These solar panels are the newest in terms of both technologies and the marketplace. Their usage is more confined to outdoor areas and very less likely to be used for homes. Lightweight solar panels are usually less effective in storing vast amounts of power, so it is recommended to stick to casual usage with thin-film panels. These are more portable and flexible solar panels than any other type in the market. Some are even foldable panels that are usually used for camping and trekking. If one wants to use these for their home, they require a lot of roof space, and thin-film solar panels tend to degrade much quicker.

RV Solar Panels

These panels are made for users who need on the going electricity. Some RV owners tend to be on the road all the time driving to remote locations. With solar panels, they no longer need any power hookups. The size of the RV solar panels is the main differentiator between residential panels and RV panels. RV panels are more used for generating power to feed mainly for electrical appliances. The rooftop installation also gets tricky because of the lack of roof space. Equipping RVs with solar panels can be a huge money saver. The maintenance is low, and one can easily understand its functionality.

Solar Panels For Swimming Pools

Solar pool heaters are the most efficient way of raising the water temperature without worrying about climatic conditions. These heater panels can raise the temperature to twenty degrees, and the cost of maintenance is zero. Some solar kits can be self-installed without any handyman or professional help. There are two types of installation methods for pool panels- they are rack and commercial. One can choose whichever suits their backyard and other requirements.

Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Panels


The most important factor on any solar panel label is its efficiency. The efficiency percentage determines the ability of the panel to convert incoming solar power into output electricity. With higher productivity, one needs a fewer number of panels to install. The typical percentage rates lie between 14-18 percent, but high-quality or advanced models have at least 20%.

Power Output

The power ratings tell us how much DC it is capable of generating. The higher the score, the better is its performance. Lower scores would have 120W solar panels, and higher ratings would have 200W solar panels. So, anything between this range should be good enough.


Next to efficiency, durability is the second most crucial factor, and many people often overlook it. Solar panels face many damages to their components when they endure heavy rains or storms. To survive such extreme climate conditions, they have to have robust frameworks and durable materials. One can approach rating agencies to understand their panel's durability and lifespan.


As said earlier, this is a critical investment, and all the factors mentioned above play a considerable role in determining the cost. Companies like Panasonic have the whole range of panels that suit any outdoor activity and in-house power need. The price on small solar panels like folding models for camping can be around 100 AUS Dollars, and the full installation for homes can range from 4000 AUD Dollars to 10000 AUS Dollars.


The warranty period proves the company's reliability. As one aims to keep these panels for decades, they also have to look for extended warranties. The structure of warranty deals varies from one to another, but it is usually a one year warranty for manufacturing defects and 25 years for performance. Make sure to check multiple solar partners willing to support the installation and other technical aspects of solar panels.


Solar energy is the future, and everyone needs to jump into it right now before it's too late. One needs to get their prerequisites right before buying any type of solar panel. If one wants to charge their phone while camping or install on their roof, every micro-detail detail matters when investing such a significant amount on solar panels. Pick your favorite one from our list of top ten solar panels.